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Equinox Hospitality & Equinox Hotels is a service-driven, people-sensitive company. Effective management and excellent relationships with the business community are essential to our successful operation and profitable growth.


Successful corporations are built around people who function as a loyal team. Our employees share in the common vision of our company’s Mission. They participate in the planning and implementation of the company’s action plan. Open and honest two-way communication, delegation and empowerment coupled with high but realistic performance standards generate maximum productivity.


Our customers are the foundation of our business. Our Management System is designed to generate superior customer satisfaction at every level.


In order to maintain a leadership position in a competitive market, there must be a merger between the efficiency of advanced technology and the refined understanding of human needs. Service Excellence is the bridge. Service Excellence for our customers is critical to the successful management of our hotel properties. Equinox Hospitality delivers consistent quality product and associated services to our guests resulting in a leadership position in the markets we serve.


Equinox is profit driven and implements strategies that provide for consistent growth and profitability.


Financial partners of the properties we manage are an integral part of our team. We strive to keep a professional, open, and harmonious relationship with our partners. We manage assets focused on providing a return on investment consistent with ownership’s expectations.

Management & Labor

Our objective is to generate a positive relationship between Management and Labor, working together in a spirit of cooperation to lower costs, increase productivity, and consistently upgrade all levels of service. We monitor labor laws and regulations to assure continuity in the interaction between Management and Employees.


The Community is an important part of the Equinox Hotels family. We always strive to play a leadership role in the communities we work in.